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[audio]"Get Up" - The Blackman
For more info and to download more songs by The Blackman, click below!
Downloads: 20
[audio]"Green Sabbath Dance Party" - The Hentchmen
For more music and info, click the link below
Downloads: 28
[audio]1-800-GREED - Girlseeker
Apart from one or two lonesome 4-track explorers popmusic didn’t really break bones in the off-stream musical spectrum for the last ten years or so. Just when we started worrying about a scene that would become overruled by eternal drones and loops, Danish pop freaks Girlseeker came to the rescue. With an oeuvre that sounds like a more dance friendly and mentally disabled version of Ariel Pink, the trio (live often extended by the guitarist of Iceage) is ready to herald a new musical era...
Downloads: 165
[audio]2999: Galaxy Train 2999 - Milch of Source feat. EeL
"They’re going to the Pluto. because, A place there that was more beautiful than the earth. but there is no sound,,,no music world. Therefore, We are enjoying the last party(in earth). dancing,,,singing,,,,,big sound,,,great beats! Everyone enjoys music in the train." From where you can also download the Hi-res version of the featured artwork. Visit the artist's website at
Downloads: 32
[audio]Ga'an - Ga'an
The self-titled cassette by Ga’an gets a proper digital release. This is the first Records On Ribs offering from across the pond, and yet it holds sounds from beyond this realm. Taking cues from the operatic minimalist/maximalist style of prime-Magma and Italo-horror soundtracks, Ga’an distill these influences into a sound that is their own, retro, but never retrogressive. The music is driven by throbbing bass and pounding drums, while the empyreal vocals are underpinned by synths pitched so...
Downloads: 87
[audio]Gabriel Mintz - Live @ KEXP 5/7/2010 - Gabriel Mintz
Seattle singer-songwriter-guitarist Gabriel Mintz plays some of his aching roots-rockers from his debut LP “Volume One” live and direct from the KEXP studios.
Downloads: 43
[audio]Galactic Waves - Syndrôm

Downloads: 28
[audio]Galapagos Momentum - Upsilon Acrux

Downloads: 17
[audio]Gambling on the Richter Scale - Kowloon Walled City
Scott Evans - guitar, vocals Jeff Fagundes - drums Ian Miller - bass Jason Pace - guitar Recorded by Scott EvansMastered by Greg ThompsonDesign by Bradee (p) & (c) 2009 Sea Of Droids MusicThese mp3's are free to distribute. We retain ownership and they may not be used in any way without consent.
Downloads: 62
[audio]Game Boy - Lo-Bat
This guest release comes to us from belgium-based chip rocker, Lo-Bat with brilliant sleeve design by otro. A collection of some of his best GameBoy tunes, this album was a joint release between 8bitpeoples and Retinascan. For those already familiar with Lo-Bat, you will instantly recognize his distinctive style, for those that are just getting their first exposure to him, his ability to squeeze new sounds from our little grey friend will surprise you...
Downloads: 101
[audio]Game Boy Rock!! - Wizwars
I somehow managed to forget to make a blog posting about this, but I put out a new EP last week on Handheld Heroes, a label that's really just starting out but has already put out some fantastic releases by IAYD, Kkrusty, and Saskrotch. Anyway, the EP is called "Game Boy Rock!!", and it's five tracks that I wrote with LSDJ between May '08 - September '09. The biggest difference between this and my other LSDJ stuff that I released is that this was actually recorded on a Game Boy and not a DS, so ...
Downloads: 74
[audio]Game of Death - Black Bear Combo

Downloads: 53
[audio]Game Over - Plusplus
Here is the Return of Adam Radmall (aka PlusPlus), Plantman’s guitarist (WHO HAVE A NEW ALBUM COMING OUT ON ARLEN RECORD IN EARLY 2013). After the extraordinary album “Evils” released in March 2011 by La bèl netlabel, here is eight new electro-acoustic tracks with a subtle melancholy that characterizes the PlusPlus’s compositions. Also available in limited CD edition with four extra bonus tracks”
Downloads: 55
[audio]Gameboy Love Ep - Buskerdroid
Gameboy Love EP is the new album by the hyperactive Italian chiptuner Buskerdroid. It comprises 5 tracks made exclusively using the LSDJ software. This 16th original Da! Heard It Records production is back to the basics : 8bit music! Buskerdroid offers his listeners some serious energy through his doped-up sounds. Taking no prisoners, he drags his Gameboy into the most unexpected corners by creating hybrid tracks combining 8bit and hardtek...
Downloads: 231 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Games of Chance - Mincemeat or Tenspeed

Downloads: 106
[audio]Gammelvals - Puh
Jakob Sindahl - "Well, the funny thing is that our band actually began as a solo project with no one but me. I had been playing in a typical alternative band with some of my mates and the two-note chords were beginning to feel mundane. I wanted to do something of my own with nothing but me and an atmospheric guitar. After writing a few songs I found that I missed the opportunity to write for several instruments and began imagining instruments to write for...
Downloads: 16
[audio]Gang Rape of a Short-Bus Rider - Preggy Peggy & The Lazy Babymakers
"Preggy is me, Angela, the owner of Weirdo, with my pal James, who just happens to be a completely spectacular guitar player. More pissy hiss & distortion than usual on this one. But usual suspects like Korg bumbling, ukulele, & whiney high-pitched squealing are all in evidence. Can't remember any offhand, but heaven knows I have a deep-seated penchant for quoting cartoon records, so there's probably at least one of those around...
Downloads: 358
[audio]Garage Bands Stay Together Forever - A collection of non-album tracks - The Womb

Downloads: 92
[audio]garbage strike - Sky Thing
furnace roar. lungs. artificial cicadas while life happens in the background.  singing metal. muffled air through tube and motors. pulsing reverberations. trash objects vibrated with turntable and motors. potatoes frying. shift tracked phase. amplified no amplification. live processes. modulated rings. music by: john collins mccormick – prepared turntable, processing, transducers, contact mics, modulators, objects...
Downloads: 34
[audio]garbageland - U Can Unlearn Guitar

Downloads: 67
[audio]Garden of Menace - Pang

Downloads: 15
[audio]Gardenella - Gardenella

Downloads: 54
[audio]Garmisch - Garmisch
If you missed the release of the maxi-single “Glimmer” a couple weeks ago, you may have missed a bit of the background about this great band. Based out of Malmö, Sweden, they’ve been together for about six years now. In that time, they’ve released a couple incredible EPs on the Swedish netlabel Go, Jukebox! and performed live, on and off, in the Malmö region. From the beginning, they’ve put together a mixture of influences and ideas, however, they’re still trying to find their inte...
Downloads: 78
[audio]Gash Bulb - Extra Sexes
Death Metal, Asian Pop, Hip Hop and other esoteric timbres clash with Extra Sexes’ own synth, voice and guitar recordings. Rather than confusion, their abrasive Stockhausen-playing-with-an-FM-dial-f&ck-sh%t up-approach negate all genre boundaries and create a ripple effect, resulting in a singular and strangely soothing expression. (Label description)
Downloads: 32
[audio]Gasoline - Mentira Mentira
Mentira Mentira "GASOLINE" Recorded by Bona Bonson @ Chimeco Sound Studios, Mexico City between Febraury 2010 and November 2011 @ Vale Vergas Discos @ 2011 all rights reserved. All music by Mentira Mentira, except "Thriller" by Mentira Mentira and Esteban Aldrete. All lyrics by Gabriel Rey, except "Thriller" written by Rod Temperton.
Downloads: 45
[audio]Gasps & Fissures - Kyle Bruckmann
Gasps & Fissures is an improviser’s response to the paradoxes and absurdities of recording improvised music, and an attempt to inhabit gray areas and straddle facile dichotomies: improvisation/composition, acoustic/electronic, abstract/concrete, natural/artificial, organic/digital. Sounds generated by the direct application of wind, water, and flesh to wood and metal are grotesquely magnified and manipulated in time and space to sculpt music of claustrophobic intimacy and impossible physicalit...
Downloads: 21
[audio]Gate-Holder For Tape - THF Drenching
GATE HOLDER FOR TAPE IS DIVIDED INTO 8 SECTIONS:(00:00–02:08) prologue (02:08–09:13) a mild oath (09:13–16:04) some gate sequences (16:04–23:37) Qualcast for Straw / a picture of health (23:37–26:17) shit polonaise (26:17–35:23) quartet / that old man flamethrower / aria for Grachan Moncur III (35:23–39:08) blues for Olmert (39:08–44:43) posthorse of thoughtTHERE'S KIDS ALL OVER THE PLACE, SLEEPING AND SHIT, PLUS RELATIVES AND EVERYTHING AROUND, SOMETIMES...
Downloads: 24
[audio]Gateau Blaster - MC PATATE

Downloads: 22
[audio]Gauchito Gil contra Colocolo - varios artistas
This disc is a compilation of Chilean musiciansand Argentina that I've metduring my tour in Latin Americatips are registeredDictaphone to by myselfand also mp3s groupsthat I contacted him through this tour. you will see c is crammed with wonderful stuff(From folk music to the noise to prog rock through rap)Argentines and Chileansare incredible
Downloads: 86
[audio]Gay Bar - The Wildbunch

Downloads: 40
[audio]Gaybomb / Newagehillbilly split - Spleen Coffin
Two slices of sound from noise practitioners local to the Baltimore/MD region. A mixture of blasted magnetic-stripe card samples, circuit-bent children's keys, and beats make for a satisfying listen.  Limited edition of 50 copies with block-printed sleeves and typewriter text.
Downloads: 34
[audio]Gazeing [at my] shoes - ¡recuerde!
¡Recuerde! is Rohan Evans, an experimental musician, sound engineer and manager of Auckland underground music venues Whammy Bar and Wine Cellar. As the title (and cover) of this track indicate, Gazeing [at my] shoes is Rohan’s nod to the shoegaze genre within his usual practice of improvised guitar-based soundscapes. (via.)
Downloads: 21
[audio]Geburah! Variations on the number 5 - ElMaes
This CD is the result of a project curated by Dutch artist Ton Rückert for WM Recordings, and the first version of the track is available on the Numerology compilation. The original recordings were remixed into 7" format for a single release, and then made available to members of the Brighton based Spirit of Gravity Collective, who produced this set of remixes. ElMaes were formed for a Club Quiet performance with a custom light show and are interested in the performance aspects of modern psyche...
Downloads: 51
[audio]Geeks and Parasites - Kingstux
It has been almost two years since we released Kingstux' Watch The Stars EP, so here is another offering from the Belgian electronica aficionado. Geeks and Parasites is a lively EP that unites classic electronic instrumentation with dub undertones and crackling distortion, all in the name of experimentation. Kingstux has recently unveiled Flex Nebulae, his debut album on Xtraplex Records and a sister release to Geeks and Parasites...
Downloads: 34
[audio]Geen Teets - Cave Bears

Downloads: 17
[audio]Geez!! Learn Cantonese - Infinite Livez
Infinite Livez is a UK-born experimental hip-hop artist based in Germany and a veteran of labels from Big Dada to Fresh Yo! to The Tapeworm. via bandcamp — Broken, fixed, and made whole by a plethora of means “Geez!! Learn Cantonese” represents Infinite Livez’s latest attempt to relieve his constipated hard drive of it’s constant yearning to make Hip Hop mean something (again). Starting from the start point of having jumped the gun it launches itself head on into a position of being...
Downloads: 32
[audio]Gekkyukekkaichi - Tsurubami
Tsurubami may very well be the most blissfully unrestrained blast of hallucinatory fire to ever spiral forth from the Acid Mothers Temple Soul Collective. Certainly the inspiration behind Tsurubami ranks it among the most philosophical and deeply spiritual. Comprised of Emi Nobuko (drums) and fellow Acid Mothers Temple compatriots Kawabata Makoto (guitar) and Higashi Hiroshi (bass), the inception of Tsurubami harkens back to 1994 when the three formed the group while they were still members of T...
Downloads: 86
[audio]Gel - Gel

Downloads: 29
[audio]Gel de Balística - Fiesta Animal

Downloads: 30
[audio]Gen Ken CON Mix, Live on My Castle of Quiet 7.20.2012 - Gen Ken Montgomery
In honor of the NYC-wide event, CON-MYTHOLOGY, a multi-venue celebration of the music and films of late composer Conrad Schnitzler, Gen Ken created this live, real-time collage of Schnitzler's music on WFMU's My Castle of Quiet on 7.20.2012.   All source material © Conrad Schnitzler. Broadcast hosted by Wm. Berger.
Downloads: 34
[audio]Gench Concert Archives Vol. I - Thomas Dimuzio

Downloads: 31
[audio]Generationals - Live @ KEXP 7/25/2009 - Generationals
The New Orleans group Generationals puts a new twist on some of the classic pop sounds with their hook-laden indie-rock. They play songs from their debut LP “Con Law” live over the KEXP airwaves. - W. Myers / KEXPStream the full set at
Downloads: 96
[audio]Generic Product - Monroeville Music Center

Downloads: 98
[audio]Genital To Genital Connection - Delayed Desire
This metalhead duo from Surabaya, Indonesia give metal/grindcore scene a death path by turning brutal/grind core structure to 8-bit/glitch way of life.This album is part of a trilogy album released by Yes No Wave Music.
Downloads: 159
[audio]Genital Warfare - Suicidal Rap Orgy
If Alfred Nobel was famed for sticking various objects up his own anus, then I would be having the great pleasure of introducing this year's joint Nobel Laureates for literature (within the field of poetry) ladies and gentlemen, dualplover gives you, bushpig / mule / mc scatboner / cockbash-80 / mc slurry / the wound bearer / mc trollop / mc chubnuts / mc poodick / mc shitman / mc nostrilcum or as they are collectively known suicidal rap orgy...
Downloads: 121
[audio]Genius of Haram - DJMC Haram
Galdurn ! so i tried to upload 90 minutes but only 20 made it, but some of y'all seem to have downloaded it so i hope you enjoy, but ! i'm gonna get that whole mix online for y'all to check , perhaps on ye olde soundcloud , i'll keep you posted ! In the meantime, enjoy this side of Genius of Haram. 
Downloads: 22
[audio]Gentleman Jesse Live at WFMU on Terre T's Show 2/7/09 - Gentleman Jesse
Engineered by Stu Rutherford and Mike Sin Huge THANKS to Mopar Larry for lending his bass! Releases: Gentleman Jesse s/t CD/LP on Douchemaster Records 
Downloads: 26
[audio]Geo-Libra - Alexandre Navarro

Downloads: 39
[audio]Geography - Andrew Christopher Smith
Chris Otto - Violin Melissa Hughes - SopranoThe score of Geography is available on my site.
Downloads: 48
[audio]George Lewis - George Lewis
Travelogue  Takes as its base materials my personal versions of the sonic chronicles that many people have been making every day, first with the eraly portable wire and tape recorders, and now with camcorders, digital cameras with movie capabilities, and camera phones. As a traveler, I have made such recordings in many parts of the world over nearly two decades, but living in a culture that priviliges the visual, it took me a while to realize that, just as wit hteh video and computer games, the...
Downloads: 59
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